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Baltimore is the Rodney Dangerfield of the East Coast. Not as cutting-edge as Manhattan and short of the political intrigue of Washington, it rarely gets the respect or attention it deserves. But "Charm City," as locals call it, is a mix of grit and refinement. Vestiges of the past mingle with modern development, creating a vibrant waterfront city with a fascinating history, charming neighborhoods and eclectic culture.

Today, Baltimore is home to 650,000 residents. With 18 hospitals and two medical schools in the vicinity, it's not surprising that the city's main industry is health care, followed closely by tourism.

By the end of 2004, the city had hoped to welcome at least one luxury hotel. Insiders thought it would be the Ritz-Carlton, but it looks like the Four Seasons will win out. Groundbreaking is on hold until the fall, with the opening of the city's first super lux hotel scheduled for spring 2005.

In May of 2005, the Baltimore Convention and Visitors Association opened a $5 million visitors center at the northern end of the bustling Inner Harbor. The 8,000-square-foot facility allows visitors to get instant information about events and attractions from touch screen kiosks. Reservation staff is on hand to assist guests with lodging and dining recommendations. An 11-minute film called Baltimore Experiences provides a quick overview of Charm City highlights.

In the same month, the $35 million expansion of the Maryland Science Center was unveiled. The museum is now completely interactive and features special attractions including an IMAX theater and a replica of the world-famous Davis Planetarium.

Other notable developments include the East Coast's largest museum devoted to African-American history, the B&O Railroad Museum and the multimillion dollar National Aquarium. The most interesting development may be the city government's campaign to lure disgruntled Washingtonians northward to a smallish city where traffic is gentle and homeownership is affordable. But if a visit to the city leaves you longing to call it home, contact a realtor pronto. Prices are definitely on the rise.
There is a vitality to the city, stretching out from the campuses of the University of Maryland near the Downtown and Johns Hopkins University to the north. Johns Hopkins, who in the 19th century, rose from a humble greengrocer to a wealthy philanthropist, embodies Baltimore's work ethic and the American dream.

The city was the birthplace of both legendary baseball player George Herman 'Babe' Ruth and literary critic H L Mencken. Writer Edgar Allan Poe and singer Billie Holiday have also left their mark, as has British Royalty. Wallis Warfield, the double divorcee, who married King Edward VIII, causing his abdication, lived for many years in the Mount Vernon district of Baltimore.

Baltimore is a city with distinct seasons - warm summers, sometimes snowy, cold winters and moderate temperatures in-between. Residents are not only proud of its heritage but also confident of the future, preferring to shape the inevitable changes rather than be subject to them. Nonetheless, one thing has never changed - it is considered almost a crime for one to leave the city without tasting Baltimore's speciality, Maryland crabs.

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